Danos is a company with offices in Athens, Thessaloniki, Crete, Nicosia, Limassol and Belgrade. As International Property Consultants, Danos provides a wide range of professional services, these include: property management, project management, planning & development advice, property agency, valuations, design and market research.

Since 1968 Danos has built up a large and varied customer base, these vary from the public sector, financial institutions and retail chains to private individuals. Through the professional services provided to these clients, Danos has established its reputation both locally and internationally.

Danos recognizes no boundaries when it comes to property related matters. Upon receiving instructions from a client, if the matter cannot be dealt with directly by staff of Danos, the matter is referred to one of our many affiliations and associates both locally and internationally. Through this network our clients can be assured that all international exercises will also be performed with the utmost speed and efficiency.

General competence and experience

As a leading Chartered Surveyors firm, Danos provides a wide range of services in connection with land and buildings. High quality and professional services in Cyprus, Greece and Serbia is our only aim and task. The range of services offered is of high quality according to international standards and regulations of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors.

The company having experience of more than fifty years has managed to employ new pioneer methods and activities, thus becoming both competitive and viable.

It continues to respond with trust, speed, flexibility and determination to the demand for specialised services (which the company offers). The threesome logo of our company Professionalism – Experience – Excellence is continually improving.

The company has an adequate number of personnel /members, updated hardware and software, professional indemnity insurance, excellent reputation and clientele, which offer unlimited prospects for its operational activities / services.

Danos power is further derived /stemmed from the adoption of modern working methods and know-how, the employment of latest technology equipment and computer software, the presentation of property related articles to high profile property financial magazine and newspaper issues and the effective allocation of its highly skillful and lively human resources.


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